Paulo Boeselli

About Us

The manufacturing process of Aydınoğlu Textile Ready Made Domestic and Foreign Trade Limited Company‘s that starts with the Paco Romano Brand in 1990‘s; afterwards Aydınoğlu Textile comes until today with great successes in its past years by also incorporating the brand, Paulo Boselli.

Our sensitivity in respect of quality, care in fabric selection, the modern line that we catch in our designs and the enthusiasm that we feel in every steps of manufacturing, starting from the designing stage along with our pattern and model studies which continuously renews themselves are all foundation of our success.

Thus Paco Romano and Paulo Boselli succeeded to be brands in demand both within Turkey and abroad particularly in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Balkans, Europe, Africa and also in many Arabic countries.

Our goal; is to proceed on our way in future with excitement of producing better all the time in a modern innovative line without compromising from quality for the successes that we carry to these days with great care by working without a break